Member List

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We offer two types of membership, Business member and Member,  at two different rates. This page is a complete list of all our members, including the ones who did not want/ need to be part of the directory.

  • Tony Agosta- Statewide
  • Shannon Cadieux- South West
  • Patrick Clawson- South East, North East
  • Robin Dawe- South West
  • Annette Frabotta- Statewide
  • Michael Gazzarato- Statewide
  • Belva Grizzel- South West
  • Laura Handy- Statewide
  • David S. Havener- South East
  • Joe Hay-South East
  • David Laird – South East
  • Mark Loughead- Statewide
  • Eric D. McPherson- South East
  • Ruel E. McPherson- South East
  • Linda Playter- South West
  • Dennis Pierce- North West
  • Donnie Puggini- Statewide
  • Leonard Rancilio Jr.- Statewide
  • Leonard Rancilio Sr.- Statewide
  • Mike Rancilio- Statewide
  • Carol Rodriguez- South East
  • Lee Schubert- South West
  • Garth Sewers- South West
  • Kenneth Shonk- South East
  • Roger Smith- South West
  • Geoff Swords- Statewide
  • Carol Wojcik- North West